CEV’s Top Brass Looking Forward To 24-Team 2019 EuroVolley

The 2019 Women’s EuroVolley aims to become a historic event. It will be the first of its kind to be hosted in 4 simultaneous countries: Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Also, the number of participating teams was raised from 16 to 24 nations. CEV’s top brass is closely inspecting all steps of its organization and recently held a recent meeting in Hungary to talk logistics with the competition’s hosts. They were very impressed with how everything is going so far (CEV.lu):

“I would like to thank the Hungarian Volleyball Federation and their leadership because they were brave enough to accept the organisation of this year’s European League Finals. In our mind, this tournament represents a test event, a perfect rehearsal ahead of the 2019 EuroVolley that Hungary will co-host together with Turkey, Poland and Slovakia. From what I have heard, we could start playing matches of the European Championship as of tomorrow. When we first spoke about Hungary and their intentions to host the EuroVolley, some people may have thought that they were quite brave in designing such plans. However, you need to have brave leaders to achieve some progress and this is exactly what Hungary have been doing lately. My wish is that Hungary get back to where they belong as some decades ago, they used to be among the world’s top teams.” – CEV President Aleksandar Boričić

“Our intention is to deliver much more than just a series of Volleyball matches, but rather a real event on and off the court. The CEV and the four countries hosting the next women’s EuroVolley will continue to work hard to make sure the next edition of our continental premier competition will be reaching the highest standards across all venues, especially in terms of promotion, branding, engagement and entertainment.” – CEV Vice-President Renato Arena

CEV’s EuroVolley first edition was held in 1949 and preceded the first FIVB Women’s World Championship by two years. Since then, 30 editions of the tournament have already been held. Russia has won it nineteen times (thirteen as Soviet Union). The other champions are Germany (as East Germany), Italy, Poland and Serbia, with two titles each; and Bulgaria, Czech Republic as (Czechoslovakia) and Netherlands, with one title each.

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