Due To Financial Difficulties, Londrina Has To Relocate In Superliga

Another bittersweet story from the world of Brazilian volleyball. After mastering up a project that took about 4.5k fans to its arena on Superliga B games, Londrina achieved its much dreamed promotion to Brazil’s Superliga. However, the community’s happiness was very short lived, as the team’s main sponsor surprisingly left the club after its promotion. To be able to make ends meet, the team had to relocate to another city, where investors would pick up the price tag of its players and staff.

Former player Elisângela Almeida communicated the news to fans in Londrina‘s official Instagram page:

“We would like to officially communicate that Londrina‘s volleyball project ends today. The team will relocate to Balneário Camboriú. Although we were successful in Superliga B, without a sponsor and help from the government, we won’t be able to go on. We believe that the move out-of-state will help us draw more investors. I want to thank everyone who supported us in our walk towards promotion. Our arena filled with more than 4 thousand fans will remain forever in my memory. It was beautiful. I leave the city knowing that I did my best and grateful for all the fans.

Elisângela then spoke to Globo.com about her feelings of frustation:

“I am left with a feeling of frustration, considering what we did in Superliga B. We imagined that we’d have our arena filled every game when going against Bernardinho and José Roberto Guimarães. As a native of Londrina, I believed I could do something different from our city. Sadly, we are very disappointed, as the team did not have the support I thought it deserved. I am as sad as every fan. However, in Balneário Camboriú, the whole city welcomed us with open arms, from the mayor to the businessmen. In 2 days, we met with 6 new sponsors.”

It’s safe to say that even though it still didn’t debut, Elisangela’s team has had a very rough start to its existence.


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