“Italy Is The Best Place To Develop As A Player” – Bartosz Bednorz

Bartosz Bednorz had a successful 2017-18 season, helping Skra Belchatow to a PlusLiga title. He scored 3.4 points per set in a very effective 53.5% hitting percentage, while also putting in heavy work as one of the team’s primary receivers. His efficient play was enough for the Polish Men’s National Team head coach Vital Heynen to offer him a place in his VNL Roster. But Heynen wasn’t the only coach impressed with his play, as Italy’s A1 general managers kept a close eye on the player during the season. One of them reached out and the Bednorz has reached an agreement with one of the league’s clubs. He has not yet, however, revealed where his new destination will be (Siatka.org):

“The fact that I am leaving Skra and heading to Italy is true. I can not yet talk about where. Soon everything will be clear. I’m leaving Bełchatów as a fulfilled player, I had a great time here, and feel as if the city was my home. I am very happy that I could be part of this great team. Now is the time for new challenges. I think that the Italian league is the best league to develop oneself as a player. That’s why I decided to go in that direction.”

Although some league directors would try to tell you otherwise, few people will disagree that Italy’s A1 league is by far the best league in the world. Some players may head to China, Korea, or Japan for the ocasional bigger contract, but they end up being lonely stars in a sea of average players and teams. In Italy, the field of teams and players is much deeper, and the competition much fiercer. This plays a big role in the player exodus smaller leagues face.

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