Premier League & MLS appeal to Dani Alves as he ponders PSG future

The veteran Brazilian full-back would like to take on an English adventure before retiring, while a spell in the United States would also be welcomed

Dani Alves has confirmed spells in the Premier League and MLS appeal to him, with the Brazilian still mulling over his options at Paris Saint-Germain.

At 36 years of age, the veteran full-back is approaching the end of his career.

He is, however, still competing at the very top of the game and will form part of his country’s plans for a Copa America campaign on home soil this summer.

It could be that he finishes that tournament ready to take on a new challenge, with no extension to an expiring contract in France having been agreed as yet.

Alves told ESPN when offering an update on those discussions: “The only real attachment I had in life was the one I had with my mom when I had an umbilical cord, and even that one was cut off.

“I’m a free man and I’m among those who think that one plus one equals one instead of two, since we are working together. If we remain on the same page, we will stay together. If that’s not the case, then it won’t happen.”

Pressed further on whether he expects to end up on the same page as PSG, Alves added: “As of now, we are not.

“They know I want to go in a direction and that I want to help this club to change its history. But I don’t know if that’s what they want. I can contribute a lot inside PSG and if we can’t agree on it, then we will see.”

If no agreement is reached in Paris, then Alves – who has been linked with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City in the past – could take on an English adventure.

“It’s not a dream, because I make my dreams come true with effort,” he said of the Premier League.

“I’ve said I would like it. It is a very exciting league; they feel a lot of respect and what I like is the respect they have for the professional player. If he gives his all, they respect him. And here, in the rest of Europe, it looks like that if you don’t win matches then you don’t get any respect. I don’t have that problem, I’m a winner.”

Alves admits that a spell in England remains “the goal” before hanging up his boots, but those plans remain “on the backburner” for now.

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It could be that he chooses to head down a different path, with the Brazil international admitting that a spell in the United States is a possibility.

Asked if MLS appeals to him, Alves said: “Frankly, most of the things they do in the U.S. are enticing. Saying otherwise would be a lie. Because of the organisation they have, their structure, the fact they always do things in a big way and they strive for excellence, that is something very appealing for everyone.

“If it wasn’t a nice league, no one would even think of going there. When they talk about it, they know how important it is and the growth it has experienced. Obviously, you always keep an eye on it, no doubt.”

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