Slovakia Begins World League With Perfect Start, Reaching Goals

Slovakia had a great start to their World League slate, as they downed all three teams they played, dropping just one set in the first week.

The team’s head coach, Andrej Kravarik expressed his satisfaction with the way his team performed, “We have nine points; that was our goal, and we are happy. I am proud of my players. For me as a new coach, this is a great start. But the World League has just started and it will be difficult in the next tournaments. We know it.”

The Slovakian team captain, Emanuel Kohut, shared his approval of their new coach, “I think we played very well throughout the tournament and our fantastic crowd helped us a lot. We are very satisfied with our new coach; he put new energy into the team.”

The team began their World League journey with a 3-0 match win over Japan on their home court, followed by a four-set match against Australia. The Slovakian men finished their perfect first round bout with a sweep over Portugal.

Up next for the team will be to travel to Helsinki, Finland to face Finland, Australia and China (in that order) for the second week of the World League.

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