Thailand & Korea To Play In All-Star Match To Promote Sport In Asia

On June 3, the top players from Thailand and Korea will face off in an All-Star Match at the Huamark Stadium in Bangkok.

The Korean squad will feature 14 players including Kim Yeon-Kyung. The team will be led by V-League champions IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s coach, Lee Jung-Chul. For Thailand players like Nootsara Tomkom and Onuma Sittirak will highlight the team’s presence on the court for the matchup.

The match is a set up to promote the sport of volleyball in Asia and to expand the markets for the domestic leagues in the countries.

The match will be broadcast live in both countries. In Korea KBSN SPORTS will host the match on their network while SMM TV in Thailand will offer the match through their television network.

The Korean Volleyball Federation President, Ku Jaw Joon said, “This match is an opportunity to set up a bridgehead for the V-League’s expansion overseas.”

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